Hi. I'm Zhan Li (李展).

A technologist, environmentalist, and sometimes idealist.
I explore technologies that help us to better interact with and live on our Earth planet. I received my Ph.D. under the advising by Dr. Alan H. Strahler from Boston University and currently work as a Research Fellow with Dr. Crystal B. Schaaf at the University of Massachusetts Boston


Earth. Remote Sensing. Geospatial Datasets. Machine Learning.

Land Surface

What are the surface conditions and structures of the Earth lands? How do they interact with the energy, water and carbon fluxes? Can we predict them and how?

Remote Sensing

How do surface conditions and structures affect their radiative characteristics? Can we quantify them from remotely-sensed signlas and how?

Field Survey

Where needs field visits the most to calibrate, validate and advance the terrestrial remote sensing? What needs to be observed and measured on the ground and how?


From research to after-work.


Make real objects outside computational codes from playing with physical materials (cardboard, aluminium) after research work.


zhanli1986 AT gmail DOT com

School for the Environment
University of Massachusetts Boston

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